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Model: V-100 with XM-174 automatic grenade launcher

Catalogue number 72454
Scale 1/72
Model state Soon
Weapons and equipment APC
Period Post WWII

V-100 with XM-174 automatic grenade launcher - One of the chief complaints to V-100 from the ARVN users was that the twin .30 cal. MG’s did not deliver enough firepower. US Army and Cadillac Cage developed a quick solution to the problem in the for of retrofit kit that would convert existing twin .30 MG’s to a combination .30/.50 turret. The retrofit kit increased the deliverable firepower, but ATAC wanted to further it with the use of the automatic 40mm grenade launcher. The XM-32 turret system was developed by the army and tested in later 1966-67, but it failed to meet requirements.

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