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Model: A-19 Soviet WW2 122mm howitzer

Catalogue number 72228
Scale 1/72
Model state Sold out
Weapons and equipment Artillery
Period WWII

122mm A-19 heavy gun. A -19 was a Soviet 122 mm gun developed in early 1930s. The full official name of the weapon is 122 mm gun model 1931/37 (A-19). The gun was used in the World War II and remained in service for a long time after the end of the war. The A-19 and its derivative D-25 were also used as IS-2 and ISU-122 guns. The A-19 first proved its worth during the Winter War against Finland, destroyed first Tiger tank, being among the most effective anti-tank weapons of the Battle of Kursk and was the first gun fired at the start of the Battle of Berlin. The A-19 was produced from 1933 - 1946, with 2,926 guns eventually made.

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A-19 Soviet WW2 122mm howitzer A-19 Soviet WW2 122mm howitzer

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